Love and storytelling in times of quarantine.


premieres on

Wednesday, December 9th at 8 pm

new date:

Thursday, December 17th at 7 pm

on the 'video' link below

Due to popular demand, we've extended the run of this video until January 13th, 2021

In 1353 Giovanni Boccaccio wrote his classic “The Decameron” about ten young people who self-quarantine in a country villa outside Florence for two weeks while plague & death ravage Europe. To pass the time, each night they tell each other stories. 

In 2020 we create “Decamera ’20” about university students who self-quarantine in a Montreal triplex while Covid-19 brings the world (well, most of it anyway) to a standstill. To pass the time they Zoom/call/FaceTime friends & family and, once they have finished watching “the Tiger King”, re-invent old stories to amuse each other…


Director - Harry Standjofski
Assistant Director - Julia Weisser
Stage Manager - Georgia Holland
Assistant Stage Manager - Madison Gosselin

Dramaturge - Camille Fecteau


Set Designer - Anna Doumet

Assistant Set Designer - Mathilde Allard

Properties Designer - Jessica Beausoleil

Costume Designer - Ariane Brisebois

Assistant Costume Designer - Erica Urrutia

Lighting Designer - Subin Bae

Videographer and Editor - Xinkun Dai

Assistant Videographer - Isabel Gelfand

Design Supervisor - Cathia Pagotto


Technical Director - Norberts Muncs

Production Manager - Jennifer Strahl

Technicians/Coordinators - Tristynn Duheme

Ted Stafford


Death - Julie d’Entremont

Disease - Noah Singer

Bouncer/Kev - Jamal Azemar

Oleander - Laurence Coté

Iris - Emily Bartlett

Marigold - Elly Pond

Andy - Noah Tompkins

Nat - Mira Korngold
Viv - Marie-Jude Salomon

Sis - Lila Ciesielski
Nurse - Samantha Lipovski

Etta - Kathryn Fraser

Brack - Jarrad Haas
Tony - Dean Persons
Thea - Carlyn Button

Lovborg - Julien Jung

Molina - John O’Neil

Valentin - Daniel Perez

Spiderlady - Maryam Nour