Directing Class


In the Directing I and II classes last winter semester, students were asked to bring a piece of theatre to life. For Directing I’s the form was to be a 5 (7) minute contemporary scene to life. For Directing II’s the form was a style encounter, an experiment, with a the hat on of director/adaptor, director/choreographer, director/designer, director/auteur, etc, lasting 20-30 mins.

Due to the Covid19 pandemic, the final needed to be adapted, and the students received this additional note regarding how to adapt to covid times in their final:

Your directing work can no longer take on the original final form it was intended to be in. However, this is an opportunity to revision and explore what other possibilities are available to realize your work. How does theatre translate to technological mediums such as screens? Can it? How can it translate itself when it is not “live” in front of an audience? Or in same space performer and performer? Can we consider the potential of our learning through other tools that can communicate our theatre work? What might that be?

Directing requires you to articulate your ideas clearly and specifically, often under enormous constraints of time and urgency. Here we are in such a situation. How can you respond?

Jessica Carmichael


Professor: Jessica Carmichael

Teaching Assistant: Julia Weisser


Carmen Mackey 

Subin Bae 

You Chen 

Jonathan Stern 

Camille Lapointe 

Ryan Litvak

Cheyenne Schaub 

Indigo Danielson 

JM Beausoleil 

Meltem Calhan 

Sydney Van Camp 

Sina Artemis 
Camille Horrocks-Denis

Andrei Mamal 

Callum Pfohl 

Ariane Janisse